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Info About Hall Sensors
For the HOTAS Cougar
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+ HS1™ Throttle Kit Installation
+ HS2 MkII™ and 
+HS3 MkII™ Installation
+ HS elite™ Rudder Installation
+ HS rcs™ Rudder Installation
CH Pro Pedals® USB 
& the HOTAS™ Cougar
MOMO® Wheel &
 GPL core.ini Settings
Centre the U2nxt Physically
And Electrically Info InfoPhysically and Electrically
Install Cougar on Win7 64 bit
& Troubleshooting
+ HS2™ Joystick Kit Installation
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+ HS Hall Sensor Mod Kits have been in service for
With NO known + HS Mod Kit failures to date!!!
Meet My Engineering
Department !!
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CubPilots Hangar
What Users Think of
The + HS™ Kits
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Cougar Joystick Handle
Screw Kit Installation
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