Using Calibration Data to Centre the U2nxt Physically and Electrically

I thought I'd put together a little description of how to use the CCP's manual calibration routine and the RAW axis data, to centre your U2nxt electrically and physically.

Before we begin I'm going to assume three things:

1.) You're using the latest software and firmware, available from Cougar World of course

2.) You've read the Manual Calibration document I wrote and are familiar with manual calibration. You can access this Word document from Foxy's Help / Manuals menu - it's the "Calibrating your Cougar" menu item.

3.) You've installed your U2nxt, updated the firmware, and have it all up and running.
I personally remove the rubber boot for this but it's not necessary if you don't want to.

Off we go then ....

THE AIM: To centre the U2nxt electrically and physically

Stage 1.) Roughly centre the hall sensors electrically

a.) Unplug the Cougar, disconnect the throttle (and rudders if you have them) and unscrew the joystick handle.

b.) Take the metal base plate off the joystick base and turn it upside down onto your lap or work surface so you see the U2nxt mod and hall sensors.

c.) Reconnect your Cougar without having Foxy or any of the Cougar software running.
This was taken from the Cougar World Forums which is part of Frugal’s World. The Frugal’s World Websites have been down on and off for awhile now and I thought it would be a good idea to have this information here as a backup. This information  applies to Ian “IJ” Johnston’s U2nxt gimbal mod for the HOTAS Cougar and the hall sensors that I provide to go along with the U2nxt. This is good stuff and it is very worthwhile to take the time to go through the procedure and it can help troubleshoot problems too !

The author is Dr. James “ Nutty” Hallows, who developed “Foxy” software for the TM F-22 and the HOTAS Cougar, which makes programming both controllers much easier.

I have added some graphics to illustrate the process.
                                                                                                 -Cubby,    10/14/2009

NOTE: You may save some time if you physically center your joystick handle first (the hands off center position). Consult the CD that Ian sent with your U2nxt on how to adjust the center position of the joystick when at rest. Also be aware that if your Joystick base is not level during use that the hands off center position could be different due to the handles weight reacting to gravity. In that case center the sensor with the joystick base level, note the raw x and y axis values, then place the joystick at the position of use and note the raw axis values, follow the directions in Step 3 below.
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